Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Impacting Lives

I was at school yesterday to meet up with some friends.

I was walking along the cafeteria when some stranger approached me. It was apparent that he was one of those ANI kids. There were a lot of them yesterday.

"Kuya Kris!"

I look around. I see him. I do not recognize him.

"Naaalala mo pa ba ako?", he asked.

"Ummmmm.. Hindi. San kita nakilala?"

"TD kid niyo po ako."

WOW. He introduced himself. I still don't remember him. Supposedly, he was one of my kids during TD Summer. He was Grade 5 back then. He's now a Junior in HS. I asked him how he was without really remembering who he was.

We parted ways and I tried to recall who he was. I finally did a few minutes later. He was that kid I usually picked on daily back then because his Math skills was a little behind. HAHAHAHA Sama!

It amazes me that he still remembers me. It feels good that I actually made an impact in his life that he still remembers me. I hope the same thing is true to those around me now.

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