Sunday, May 9, 2010


To got corpo or not corpo, that is the question. BV. I entertained the idea of not going corpo again. I dunno why I keep on doing this. I dunno but I just feel like not going corpo is my calling. By not going corpo, it means a whole lot of things, okay?

If I got corpo, the money is there. If i don't go corpo, the happiness is there. BUT, money can buy me happiness. HAHAHA I am so torn. My heart tells me to not go corpo but my gut is telling me to go corpo.I know my parents won't like (not necessarily disapprove) if I ever don't go corpo.

Oh Wedenesday, be nice to me. Give me the job. Send me all the good vibes this week. God, bless me with all the powers. HAHA

I'm just waiting for whichever comes first.

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