Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Miss You

I haven't really been emo lately. And, no, i don't think this is an emo post. HAHA

I just miss all of you. My heart sank when I saw a picture of us. It reminded me so much of you. I miss you. That pictured trigged this.

Facebook/ Ym isn't just enough! HAHA

But, i know, this is just a phase. Once I start to get busy, I start to forget. I start to move forward. An opportunity that I like seems plausible right now. I, hopefully, have work by next week. Give me a good job offer!!!

This one seems to be the right one right now. I hope they get me! It just feels right. I have asked permission already from my mom that if they get me, I'd sign immediately. They agreed! Yay! For more, for some reason, I have already told my cousins and aunts that I'd love to work there. And everybody seems okay with it.

Please give me a good job offer. Please give me a job! HAHA

I need a distraction. Joke!

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