Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Got the Job?

The question mark is for the slight doubt in me that I did. HAHA Let me explain why.

Two weeks ago, I got a call from Hewlett Packard. I didn't expect the call at all. I had my initial phone interview 3(?) weeks prior that. I just submitted my resume because a blockmate posted the email add of an HR person in our block yahoogroups. HP was a fallback.

Anyhoo, I did the interview two weeks ago. I did well. I was really friendly with the interviewer. I thought she was from HR. I found out after the interview that she was gonna be my boss, if I get the job. She's a chem double major from Ateneo. I even asked during the interview "Ummmm, why are you in HR? You're chem? o.O" HAHHA Stupid me.

Early this morning, I emailed the HR person coz my supposed boss told me to follow-up after two week. The HR person replied in the afternoon:

"You have passed the interview. Please wait for the call of HR regarding your application. Your papers are with them already and they star processing it."

So, for me it's not clear. HAHA My first face-to-face interview is supposed to be the last interview. It was a Fit interview. The boss will just check if you fit his/her team. But, if you don't fit his team, he'll forward you to another boss and so on. What if the HR person meant that I'm still in the pool and I'd just be forwarded? OR am I just over thinking?! HAHAHAHA I'm just not yet that comfortable to spread the news of my "job" yet but my friends are. It's all over ym and facebook. Not good if i didn't get the job pala! HAHAHAHAHA

I think I got the job already. I'm just waiting for the job offer. I hope it's good.So, there, I'm no longer a bum? Oh wait, I still am. I'd probably start working by June. I have a few more weeks of bumhood.

It feels good to have a "clearer" picture of your future.

Thank God!

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