Friday, February 27, 2009


I told my friends a while ago how moody I was this morning. Here's the story: I was eating breakfast this morning (i usally don't) when my dad jokingly noticed me. "Wow. Ang dami ng kinakain mo!", he said. "Fine. Itatapon ko nalang.", i responded. He didn't respond; not even a hint of anger whatsoever.

Tonight, I feel such an ass for treating him such. I tried my best to be nice and fun when he picked me up from school. I responded to all of his question. I laughed at his jokes.

I feel so sorry that I've often treated him so coldly for the longest time, especially that it's his birthday tomorrow. It's too complex to explain why we've grown so apart no matter how hard he tries to pull it together. Oh well. That's life.

Happy birthday, dad!

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