Friday, February 6, 2009


My blockmates are getting "jealous." They are jokingly questioning my "loyalty" to them. I'm spending too less time with them, according to them. Wushoooo.

This is what happened yesterday.

My blockmate texted me, "Magcucut ka ba ng Philo? Hee Hee"

"NO! (though I want to.)", i replied.


"I can't. 5th cut ko na (of 6 max). Don't tempt me. Pls.."

"RockBand us!"

"I can't talaga."

"Che ka! Kung blockmates hindi pwede pero kung iba go-go ka. Che!"

This was a joke but it had substance/ meaning. Today, I talked to some of my blockmates, including her, about this. They all said that I was spending less time with them and too much with others. Wushooo. Don't worry blockmates, I still love you.

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