Monday, February 23, 2009

Hell Week??

I thought it would be but, honestly, I don't feel the "hell", as of now.

For this week, here's what I need to do:
1 Metrics HW due on Wednesday (almost done)
1 20-page Dev't Eco paper due tomorrow (done with my part)
1 20-page DS paper due ewan (so not done)
1 20-page IPE paper due on Saturday (almost done with my part)
1 DS Report for Wednesday (almost done)
1 Dev't Eco Report for tomorrow (done with my part)
1 Metrics LT (Kaboom. Batman will help me. haha)
SRD due on Thursday (this one's gonna be crazy)
Turn-over AEA funds (this one will be crazy too hahaha)
1 JEEP reflection paper (done).
And, i have a feeling i am forgeting some stuff.

It looks like a lot but I am so not stressed. Weird but I like it.
See? I even have the time to blog when all the status messages of my blockmates on YM are "stress"-related. haha

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