Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lazy Day

Today, my blockmate noticed something, "What happened to you? You've become so lazy!"

"I have lots to do. And I know if I started to do everything so well (just like Fil14), I would end up so tired.", I responded.

"Yeah. We were so good during Fil14."

I know. haha

Anyhoo, yes, I've been really lazy especially today. Must be the weather.

I arrived in school by 6:50am for my 7.30am class. By 7:10am, the Professor texts the beadle that she'll give a free cut. Great! My next class is 4:30pm. Thanks. :| My blockmates and I decided to just eat at McDo til 11am.

But no, I should have been in Eastwood for my job interview for IBM by 10am. I was just too lazy to go. haha. I'm just hoping a better company will call me up again.

By 11am, I went back to school to start my part of the PPT presentation for our IPE report due by 3pm. Cramming much. We did "good", according to the proof. Yipee. That's 25% of our final mark.

By 4pm, started reading for Philo coz we'd have a quiz. Failed the quiz.

Argh. I'm so lazy, yet, I am blogging. haha

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