Friday, February 13, 2009


Econometrics is the best subject in the entire world. Grabe. For a HW (a mere HW!), I:
* spent 8 hours of my not-so-productive life just to do it.
* used 3 computer programs to do the analysis properly.
* was sooooooo sabaw yesterday.
* am so irritated with the "leech."
* spent 44 pesos for printing.
* was bad vibes the whole day.
* am really drained mentally.
* wanted to give up and just cry.
* realized how important my block is to my Eco life.
* had the a good 8 hours of FUN with my block. (Though, Part II of the HW might be a different case. haha I'm not sure if I can handle 8 hours more. hahaha)

AFTER ALL that, I still wasn't able to get the correct answer. Wow. I love Econometrics.

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