Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sour note to a good day. HAHAHA

Such a good, fun, and tiring day. Had class in the morning. Lunch with Freshies. AHS for the Org fair to help out the AHS Economics Club. Back at college to hang-out.

By 6pm, I was drained but I had "arranged" with a friend to have dinner with them. It was apparent that I was drained, I think. I wasn't as happy and I was already rambling about how tired I was. haha

I dunno. I just snapped because I was so frustrated with myself. My thoughts were certainly no longer normal. Why the heck would I ask the world if they're not tired of their secrets when I have so many fucking secrets myself?! MAYBE, i am tired of my own secrets. I certainly am not rationalizing myself. I am to blame. My bad. The gull. Ang kapal ng mukha ko. Stupid me.

I didn't want to show my "frustration" so I stormed out of the room. MY mistake: I announced to the world that I was getting pissed and I need a time off. God knows I controlled it well because until now I'm so freaking frustrated. HAHAHA

And the weird thing is I feel like apologizing but I know I don't need to and that it'd be more awkward if I do so. They're not pissed at me but they certainly are awkward around me. And for some reason, I still feel tomorrow will be a good day. So help me God.

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