Friday, July 17, 2009

I Dunno What To Do

side A: Why are you always with Side -?
I rarely get to talk to you.

Side B: I'm getting jealous of Side -.

Side C: How come when you see me you don't seem happy?

Side D: How come when you see me it's different? It's as if you're not happy!

Side E: Ayan e. Inuuna si Side -. (This one's a joke! HAHA)

Saan ka pa? Can I just not take a side and just co-exist with all of you? I really don't want to take a side. Though, I know whose company I enjoy the most. And I bet you are thinking of the wrong side. BUT, don't overthink this. I just am so torn. I'll try my best to pull all of you together. I miss you already.

In demand amp. HAHAHA Hindi tayo mag-on ha. We're just friends! HAHA

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Anonymous said...

I miss you :(