Sunday, July 19, 2009


Last night, my dad had a 9.15pm meeting in Makati so we decided to go with my dad to Makati to visit our niece. My dad decided to pass by Manila for some reason. Traffic in Manila was hell. There was an accident involving a bus and 4 cars. We were still in Manila by 9pm. My dad was bound to be late.

"Manila is crazy. Don't you want to live in the province?", asked my sister.

My dad has been advocating this the past 2-3 years already. He wants to buy a farm and produce everything necessary to live. He wants a peaceful, simple, stress-free life. On the other hand, my mom doesn't want the provincial life (and yet she is so sick of the city-life.)

Last night, I felt as though they were in agreement that they will move to the province once I graduate. Supposedly, they're just waiting for me to finish college. I am only one left studying college in my family. My sister is taking up law but is already self-sustaining. My other siblings are all working already.

My dad has been searching for a condo unit in Makati for me and my other sister. I don't get why we need a unit but, I guess, my dad's assuming that I'll work in Makati.

Here's the thing though: I am kinda dead-set already that I'll leave the country after college. Yes, I am still really unsure where and how but I know I'll find a way. (I don't think my parents remember but I asked their permission already!)

Though, there's one thing or person that can change all of my plans. All you have to do is ask.

(Ugh. This post is getting me depressed. haha)

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