Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Blues

My friend asked me to call her up. She was having a bad day and in need of a consoling.

After a few minutes, she calmed down and gave me a question.

"What do you wanna do before you turn 21?", she asked. (not verbatim)

"OKAY ka lang?! I'm turning 21 next week!"

I kinda did not understand her question. At first, I thought she was asking me my what my life goals are before I turn 21. But, eventually, it dawned on me that she might have been asking what I want for my 21st. I dunno. It's vague.

But, yeah, if you ask me what I want for my 21: to be surrounded by people I love and show them how much I love them. Also, let me be selfish, I wanna feel loved. I wanna know what love is. Cheesy! hahaha

Oh nooooooooooes. I really don't want to turn 21 just yet. I feel so old.

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Anonymous said...

Palimos naman ng oras.....