Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm Hurting

(The title sounds so emo. HAHAHA This is hopefully not an emo post!)

Last Friday, I was out with some friends. We were supposed to watch Transformers but ended up eating- A LOT. Lunch was so heavy that by dinner time (9pm), I wasn't really too hungry. We weren't able to finish our dinner. Oooooooooh. The spaghetti at Shakey's had pubic hair! Oh God. Anyhoo, they were planning to had jog around campus the next day. I didn't want to join them because I don't like jogging. Then suddenly, plans to play volleyball surfaced. Game! Yay. I haven't played for like 8 months.

We jogged (more like walked for me HAHA), played volleyball and basketball for 4 hours. It was fun especially jogging around the oval while singing our hearts out to angst-filled songs! That's my fave part. hahaha.

I was so sleepy already by 6pm but ended up sleeping by 1.30am. I was so sleepy the whole time but was too busy with Facebook. And I just couldn't really sleep no matter how sleepy I was.

Worse. I woke up 6am today. Weird ass. I was still really sleepy. I tried to sleep again but would just wake up every hour. I gave up on sleeping by 9am.

My body hurts. My forearms from playing volleyball. My legs from running. My back from running, I guess. My heart from loving. Joke! HAHAHAHAHA I'm just not the active type.

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