Friday, July 24, 2009


Last Wedneday, I could not sleep. I was thinking about stuff. A lot of thoughts were running through my head; most of them sad ones. I tried really hard to but I couldn't. By 4am, my mom suddenly opened my door. I dunno why she did.

"Hindi ka pa natutulog?"

"Bakit naman ako hindi matutulog. Nagising lang ako.", I tried to deny.

A few minutes later, I fell asleep. I woke up 7am and my mom was asking me something. I didn't respond properly because, as usual, I was moody in the morning.

By 3pm, I got a message from my dad that my mom is so worried about me. She thinks I am having problems.

I wanted to leave class because I was getting depressed over the fact that my mom is worried about me. No, I stayed because I had a quiz.

Anyhoo, no, I don't have a concrete problem. Things around me are relatively normal. BUT, somehow, that night, I felt so out of place. I felt as though I didn't have a niche in the world. Never mind.

I want to tell somebody/ anybody about how I feel but I feel as though no one's here to listen. I tried but the listener ended up as the talker.

I need someone who will listen, without any prejudice.

I need someone who will listen. And a hug would not hurt.

There's so much I wanna share. I feel so bottled up.

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