Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I thought the distance would make me care less. I thought I would start to forget. I thought I won't remember you anymore. I thought I'd notice you less. I thought I would no longer be affected.

But no, you still have me at the palm of your hands without you even knowing it. One word from you shatters my walls. One smile and my fences open. Here I am at your disposal.

Here I am waiting. Here I am affected by everything you do. Here I am, trying to break free, and failing miserably. Here I am waiting for you to say "hi" and everything would seem okay again for now. Here I am being pathetic. Here i am wondering about what you're doing. Here I am trying to stop thinking about you. Here I am going emo. Fuck the shit that you have so much control over me and you don't even know it.

Gaaaaaaah. I'm such a weakling! FUCK.

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