Monday, April 5, 2010

No Signal

My phone has not had signal since Wednesday. I didn't really care to bother since it was Holy Week and people rarely text during that season. I was planning to get the SIM card replaced by Monday, today.

Last night, I was checking the web if Globe actually replaces SIM cards. A read in a forum that they rarely do and that it depends on the stock of the cards. I was already planning how I'd attack their office today if they wouldn't replace my card. I wanted to be sure to retain my number because: (a) That number is the one I used for all the CV i sent out to companies and (b) huzzle to contact people.

My plan was "brillant": (a) All english, (b) Look pissed, (c) "How come you do replace SIM cards for postpaid users and not for prepaid?! This is discrimination!", (d) "I'm willing to pay thousands of pesos just to retain my number!", (e) "Call the manager!"

However, only plan A was needed. They had stocks for my kind of card and they replaced it immediately. HAHA Thank God!

Anyhoo, today's such a nice day. I got a text that really made me happy. Super. HAHA And, I got a call from HP. Interview, baby. Yay!

BPI on Wednesday! I shall make a career out of doing interviews. Wish me luck! I bet this week will be awesome!

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