Sunday, April 25, 2010


I talked to a blockmate last Monday about me wanting to teach at the Ateneo. Not Economics certainly! I want to teach Filipino in the HS. If that fails, I'm willing to teach TD (HS "Economics"). It has been bothering me the whole week.

I know you're thinking "huh? him teaching?" HAHAHA. Yes, I've blogged about this before already. And I know I am not that smart. But it's just HS. hahaha. And, i think, I've made such a good name in the HS that credentials wouldn't even matter. Seriously. (Conceited-much?! HAHA).

I want to teach. I want to be in front of the class blabbering about life. I want to inspire. I feel like its my passion. I want to help. However, the the fear of such naughty and sometimes rude Ateneans scares me. I know some Ateneans are rude and disrespectul. And I'm scared that what if things just don't work out. What if I just don't like the my classes? HAHA

Then on Wednesday, Fr. RB's posted this status: "Teacher Openings at the Ateneo High School: P.E. (Foundations: Health and Fitness), Physics, English and Filipino. Call 4265914 or email<> for details."

It got me more interested to know that there are actual vacant slots to be filled. I actually emailed that address to ask what the requirements are. HAHA However, the email address does not work. It's God's sign. Joke! haha

Then on Thursday, news about a HS friend become a teacher in the HS came out. People were talking about it. I got jealous, actually. hahaha. But no, I don't think I wanna teach just now. Maybe in the future.

Today, I was thinking about it again. And I think I just found my solution to this dilemma. hihihi. It got me excited. So excited that I actually texted and emailed people if what i'm thinking about is still viable. I'll keep this "solution" a secret first. I don't wanna jinx it! HAHA

This "solution" actually has been an opportunity for months now. I didn't want to take it for some reason before. But now, I think this is it. If it's still available, I'm going to take it.

Swear. I think, right now, if things work out this will the best case scenario. However, this does not invovle Makati. Sadness. My independence might be at risk with this "solution" but I think this will keep me happy. And, I dunno, I actually imagine myself actually being happy and contended with doing this "solution." I think doing corporate shit would just make me really competitive and moody. And unhappy and tired at the and of the day.

God, I hope this is it!

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