Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today was my niece's 1st birthday. Her birthday is a BIG deal for us coz she's the 1st apo of my tito's and tita's that they actually see. I got another niece. She around 15(?) already and the last time I saw her was like 7 years ago. I've only seen her twice. Anyhoo, the part was at 4pm. Ended by 6.30pm.

We then proceeded to our Makati house to have dinner. More food, i know, a little weird. HAHA. I dunno but recently I've been enjoying my time with my cousins. I ain't perfectly close to them back then. However, recently, I think, things are changing.

Dinner ended by 11pm. My family decided to bring my cousin and her child (my niece) to their home. By 12mn, we were already at the Fort on our way home. We got a call.

"There are two people outside my door. OMG! OMG!" Call ends.

We were panicking like shit when my mom got that call. We tried calling her up again. She wasn't picking up. We decide to go back to Makati to check up on her.

There was two people who knocked on her door. "Are you *state the name of my cousin*?", they asked her.

"Yes", she replied.

"We're from ABS-CBN. We just want a short interview with you. That's the daughter of *state name of NOT-so-famous-celebrity*, right?!", they asked her. They had a camera on and taking a video of her.

"I don't know him!", my cousin replied and shuts her door.

She peeped thru the door hole. They were still there. They were taking a video of her door. She looked through the window. There were two more people taking picture of her unit. After a few minutes, they left.

Eventually, we found out that those people asked around. They asked my cousin's neighbors and the guard if NOT-so-known-celebrity passes by. WHO CARES? And, obviously, a neighbor spilled the "news" to the media. They actually waited for my cousin to be at home. Remember, she was out the whole day preparing for my niece's birthday party. Thank God those paparazzi didn't go to the party. NOT-so-known-celebrity's mom was there.

Okay. That was seriously creepy. Yes, my niece is the daughter of that NOT-so-known-celebrity! He is not known! We rarely see him on TV. He's no Piolo. He visits my niece once a month. I am not even sure if my cousin and him are still together. He didn't even bother giving his last name to his daughter to protect "his career." What career? HAHA.

I never thought my family would ever encounter paparazzi. I mean, seriously, when my cousin got knocked-up, they made her leave the condo unit that she and NOT-so-known-celebrity. They were together for years. When he was absolutely unknown, she was there already.

It's really irritating. Who cares if NOT-so-known-celebrity has a child already?! Nobody cares!

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