Monday, April 12, 2010


I went to San Mig a while ago for an examination. I ditched IBM coz I was too sleepy. After the exam, my dad fetched me. We're going to fetch my sister in UP. We arrived 5.15pm. She suddenly texts us that she'll be out by 6pm. Ugh.

I decided to go out of the car and walk around. There was a point in the day that I felt that God was playing tricks with me. I'd rather not discuss why. In honestly, up to now, I still feel so coz the coincidence(s) are too epic to be coincidences. Anyhoo, I found myself walking around the Sunken Garden. I decided to sit. It was so peaceful, surprisingly. I thought it would be noisy and chaotic coz of all of the jeepneys passing by.

I sat on a tree root and put out my iPod to listen to emo music. I was watching the people live their lives: couples snuggling, friends playing frisbee, families playing ball. It was really peaceful. I felt really at ease. The strong breeze helped me feel comfortable.

It was such a beautiful time to reflect. Where will life lead me? What will happen next? What now?

Suddenly, something dropped from the sky to my arm. I thought it was just a leave or tree bark. Nope, a bird decided to poop on me. Reflection fail. HAHA

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