Sunday, April 18, 2010

Color Quiz

I took this test online. I was astonished by the results. HAHA This is probably unscientific but the results are accurate! If you've reading my recent posts, you'll see the similarities!

Your Existing Situation
Works well with others. Needs personal relationships which are understanding and relatively conflict-free.

Your Stress Sources
"Wants the freedom to follow his own heart, goals, and dreams and to earn the respect as a unique individual. Desires to pursue every possible opportunity without limitations or things standing in his way."

Your Restrained Characteristics
Current events leave him feeling forced into compromise in order to avoid being cut off from affection or future cooperation.

"Although he is able to find contentment through sexual activity, he feels hopeless to change his problems and difficulties and continues to make the best of what he has."

Current events have him feeling forced to make bargains and put aside his own desires for now. He is able to find satisfaction and happiness through sexual activity.

Your Desired Objective
Very active imagination and may be prone to fantasies and daydreaming. Always dreaming of interesting and exciting things to happen to him. Is a charmer and wants to be admired for that.

Your Actual Problem
"Feeling held back and restricted from moving forward, looking for a solution that will give him more freedom and less obstacles."

Your Actual Problem #2
"Feeling unimportant in this current situation, and is looking for different conditions where he will be able to better prove his worth and importance."

The actual problems and stress source are spot on. Hello, i wanna be independent drama. HAHA Hello, moving forward drama. HAHA

Never mind the sexual activity, though! NOT TRUE. hihi

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