Saturday, April 10, 2010


I need a distraction. My thoughts are bothering me again. I dunno. I just still feel disheartened. I'm craving. I'm missing. I'm wanting. Blah.

The coming week will be a good distraction, actually. I have interviews lined up. IBM and San Miguel on Monday and BPI on Tuesday. Yeah, i'll ditch Megaworld. And if things go right I'd have more interviews in the following days. I hope so. I want a job already. My trick now is to be pa-humble and witty. I think I've been overconfident during my past interviews. HAHA

Also, it's my niece's on Saturday. I am not part of planning it but it's a really big deal for us. It's just her 1st. It's a good distraction. And usually when we have parties and stuff, all my tita's sleepover at our house. More distraction.

I'd just also probably go out with my block this week. I haven't seen some of them in 2 or 3 weeks. It's due that we see each other soon.

Plus, Glee's back. That provides a little glee. I'm excited for the new episodes!

Actually, I'm planning to move to Makati by Monday. By "move", I mean, live there. I dunno for how long. Depends on work. Not final yet if I'll push through with this but for sure my parents would be okay with it. One con that i'm looking at is that there's no net in that house and that i'd have to leech off net from Gloria Jean's. HAHA I'll just decide tomorrow.

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