Monday, May 25, 2009

Boss Qualms

My boss was a bit bitchy and sad today. She wasn't her usual self. As soon as she arrived, she got a marker and wrote all our tasks for today.

My partner had to encode all the data he has gathered that past 3 days. "Anong oras na diyan (sa laptop)?", she asked.

"9:09am, ma'am."

"10.09am. You only have 10.09am only to finish that." Bwisit.

My turn..

"You need to make 10 successful calls by lunch time."


Lunch time came. I was hungry. I left for lunch with only 6 successful calls. A successful call means I've gotten the name of the HR manager, email add, company address, and personnel base. I usually make 80 calls a day. Of the 80 calls, i usually have around 6-8 successful calls a day.

By 4pm, she made a phone call to us. After the phone call, "Kris, you need 20 successful calls by today.", my partner said. I only had 7 by this time.

I got pissed. I stopped working and stared at the parade along Ayala Ave. Hello, 16 successful calls was the highest I ever got! My usual is 6-8 a day.

"When she calls again tell her I'm not working and that I'm watching the parade! I don't wanna work anymore!", I told my partner.

BVnessssss. I had 11 successful calls only today and I don't care if she's disappointed. You're not paying me.

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