Monday, May 11, 2009

BV Day

Bad Vibes. Whattaday. Fart.

I started pretty well, actually. My mom forced me to eat breakfast and I obliged because I wanna save up. Amazingly, there was no traffic build-up along EDSA. We found the Tycoon Building easily. I arrived pretty early for the training; 1 hour and 30 minutes early. I even had yogurt at Ministop for breakfast number 2. Yum yum. Also, I was giddy this morning because I was texting my blockmate. I discovered last night that the “booboo” actually made impact. HAHA. For those who think they get the joke, hush hush. haha

Then, it went downhill from there.

BV 1: Since I was early, I decided to chill at the Mcdo in the building. Chill is the word because I didn’t want to spend money for food. I got my iPod and found out that all the files were lost. I left the iPod connected to the laptop over night and for some reason all the songs/ videos were gone.

BV 2: After waiting for an hour or so, I go up to the 14th floor. Security was tight. I wasn’t allowed in the room until our trainer arrived. I had to wait for 45 minutes more outside the room for her to arrive. Take note, no chair or fan/ aircon.

BV 3: The trainer extended our 3-day training to 4 days. I don’t like it in our office in Ortigas. It’s old and security is really tight. No bags/ food/ cellphones are allowed inside the office. We had to leave everything with the guard. Furthermore, you cannot leave the office with any piece of paper with you for the security of the clients, supposedly.

BV 4: The trainer said that I and my partner should have attended only the last 2 days. Unfortunately, the HR dept. of the Makati Branch, said that we attend the whole 3 (turned 4) days. And since we were there already, the trainer said we might as well stay the whole duration.

BV 5: The training ended by 2:30pm with an exam. I asked my co-trainees how to get to the nearest MRT station. They walked me to the Shaw Station. It was not that far. Then from Shaw, I had to go to Ayala to submit some documents. From the Ayala Station, I walked all the way to Standard Chartered and back. It was hell. Suuuuuuuuuper far. I walked because I don’t know still how to ride the jeep from the station to my office. And I didn’t want to take a cab to and back the office because that would cost me around 160PHP. My mom only gave me 500PHP for the day and because I was trying to save up, I didn’t want to spend it all.

BV 6: Walking to SCB, I took the wrong underpass and got lost. I was on the wrong side of the street but I kept walking farther. I reached Manila Pen and realized I was lost. Major fail: there was no underpass in front of Manila Pen so I had to go around the whole block. It took me 45 minutes to walk from the Station to Standard Chartered.

BV 7: I texted my dad that we meet up in Quezon Ave so I can hitch with him. He told me he was in Discovery Suites so I said I’ll just go there. After a few minutes, he texted me that he might leave Discovery already so we should just meet up in Quezon Ave. I went straight there and waited for 45 minutes only to find out that he’s still in Discovery. My blood pressure shot up! I said that he should leave Discovery immediately and I’ll just wait for him there. But no, he couldn’t some of his friends rode with him so he still has to bring them back to his office. I just took a cab home and cost me 150PHP.

BV 8: I took a bath as soon as I got home. My feet felt mahapdi. My heel was bleeding. The skin was peeling off of both my feet. And the soles were also painful. Too much walking.

BV 9: I was only able to save 50PHP. Weeeeeeee. Shit. 150PHP for food. 150PHP for the cab ride. And 100PHP for the MRT card. It just makes me wonder how the heck do minimum wage earners survive with that little money? I spent more than what I could possibly be earning for this job in a day.

Everyone at home is trying to appease me. They can really tell that I am so BV. I got all sorts of consoling messages and offers to dine out. But no, nothing can make me feel better now. Fart.

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