Sunday, May 24, 2009

Emo Attack

"please make me understand, papano mo nasasabing mahal mo ang isang tao, kung wala syang nakikitang pagmamalasakit sayo? papano ako magkakaron ng dahilang maging mas mabuting tao, kung sa bawat galaw nya nararamdaman kong wala akong kwenta at hindi worthy na mahalin? OO, EMO.

i feel that a part of me is dead, and i cannot find any way to get the old me back. i miss the old me. i miss the me i was. please, make me understand. how can love be this painful? how can love be so contradictory? how can you tell me one thing and act the other? make me understand, please. anyone, make me understand. :(" - from a friend.

People around me are going emo. And I'm gravely affected. When I read that, I got emo big time. Shit. Sigh.

Must keep my mind sane. Must keep my self busy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Summer is a big fail. Rawr.

On second thought, love IS conditional. :(