Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School/ AEA Work is Demanding My Attention

I feel ashamed towards my EVP. She has been doing all my "work." It's time that I handle more of them.

Everynight, I try my best to pull all the strings together. I try to communicate with everyone I need communicate with. I fix all the details and update myself with AEA stuff. BUT, it's so difficult to be so far away from "homebase."

Today, I had a lunch mtg here in Makati for AEA with an alumni now working in the Private Scandinavian Sparkasse. It's a forex trading company that's offering a project to AEA. AS if i understand, Forex trading. I just pretended to understand him.

Tomorrow, I'll go home to QC! YAY! I'll have dinner with Sanggu to discuss SOSS' projects that might involve AEA. I am excited for this. I bet it'll be fun.

On friday, I won't go to work coz we'll shoot a video for a project. I'm sooooooo not ready to dance. HAHAHA

Saturday MIGHT be my rest day. I'm hoping nothing pops up.

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