Monday, May 4, 2009


Short-term: I got a call from Standard Chartered while I was bathing. haha. They want me for an interview tomorrow. I hope I do well. I'm excited about this. If I get in, the next month would be so different. I'll probably live in Makati and not be in Ateneo so often. haha Of course, I'll try to balance it with my AEA work.

Medium Term: Last night, I was talking to my parents about how I ditched IBM a couple of months ago because my mom didn't want me to go there. Then, I suddenly told them what I've been wanting to do after grad: leave the country to work. It's not that I don't want to work here; I just want to gain my independence and start all over again. I'm eyeing Thailand, Singapore, or Malaysia for now. I want the country to be near the Philippines so I can easily go back here if I get lonely or whatsoever.

"Iiwan mo na kami", momma said.

"EXACTY my point! Hahaha", I joked.

Well, I was surprised that they were supportive of it. And, I asked my mom to compile all her contacts since she works for an international org that has offices all over Asia. Weeeeee. I am sooo exicted about this. I wanna grad na.

That's just plan A. Plan B is to learn more Eco for the next two years after grad. Boring but this can really help my resume.

Long Term: Have a family and be effin' happy!

DISCLAIMER: All of this can change. It only takes ____ person(s) to tell me to change my plans. But, I'll try to follow my brain not my heart. haha

It's time I live my life for me.

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Anonymous said...

nako nakakaexcite ka naman kasi looking to the future na!!! sana ako rin alam ko na ang gagawin ko ahahahah - snappingfergiebitch