Thursday, May 7, 2009


I got a call yesterday from Standard Chartered. They needed to see me again today for another interview. So, today, I went there again. Only, this time, no one was available to bring me to Makati so I had to ride the MRT. Hell. MRT is hell. People who ride the MRT are barbarics. Well, as they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do. So, I became barbaric too and forced myself into that train. Shet. It was so cramped that I couldn't move my arms. Shet.

Anyhoo, I arrived 30 minutes before my schedule. Unfortanely, by interview was pushed back by around 30 minutes. I waited for 1 hour pretending to be interested to read SC's annual reports. haha. My interview was kinda okay. Not as well as the 1st one. After the interview, they made me wait. I got the Internship. They made me fill out all sorts of documents and contracts already. Yay. I think I'll really like my boss. I'll start working on Monday.

After filling up all the documents, I was off to Glorietta. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a cab in front of SC so I decided to walk all the way to Glorietta. It was far. And it was raining. Bad decision. Roamed a bit then off to Trinoma.

I met up with a friend and had "shopping." I don't think we can call that shopping. haha. Anyhoo, my sister was also in Trinoma and she was begging me to ditch my freind and accompany her. I declined, of course. I asked my friend that we move to the Block so we can avoid my sister.

In the Block, we did nothing. As usual. haha. Oooooooooh. I finally got to buy my ticket to the Cook/ Archuleta concert on the 16th. I'm excited!! haha. After a few minutes, we went back to Trinoma and by 4:30pm I left my friend because my sister was really pitiful. Joke. haha. She was in Trinoma since 11am and was alone the whole time.

Anyhoo, my sister and I did all sorts of things: Time Zone, eat, walk, shop for by niece's baby clothes, and eat some more. By 6pm, my mom arrived and more baby stuff happened. We left the mall by 8pm.

My feet hurt so bad. I wanna cut them off. haha I was wearing my leather shoes the whole time and it was really, really, really painful.

I'm excited to work for SC starting Monday. Though, that would also mean that starting Monday, I'll be living in Makati. Though, talk to me by Tuesday and Wednesday and for sure I'd be hating my OJT. haha

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