Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day of Firsts

1st experience of Makati rush hour. It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to Standard Chartered and 1 hour and 40 minutes to go back to QC.

1st breakfast at Starbucks. I don't really eat breakfast but I was too nervous this morning so I ate at the branch in Standard Chartered.

1st Job Interview. It was only about 13 minutes long. I think I did well. The only chance of me not getting the job is if the other applicants did better. I did nothing wrong e. haha

The interviewer said, "The job fits you perfectly coz you talk a lot." NO, i was shy pa during the interview. Meet me when we are close friends na. HAHA.

"I can see that you really are a people person." Thanks ma'am. haha IKR. haha

"I can sense that you are a leader." Wushooooooo. I wasn't overbearing during the interview.

Side note: They don't give allowances for their interns. Booooo. haha

1st PUB ride alone. It was scary but fun because I got to see all the places I wanna go to if I get the job. haha. This got me excited about the OJT. I swear, if I get the OJT, i'll go to every mall that I saw today. Bored much.

1st movie to watch alone. After my interview, I went to the mall. It just sad that Glorietta was still closed when I finished the interview. Anyhoo, I watched 17 Again. HAHA. It was an amazing sight to see the looooooooong line of Senior Citizens for Fushcia. While in 17 Again, there were only around 10 people in the entire cinema house.

1st time to encash cheques for me. I was running low on budget then I realized that I got cheques in my wallet waiting to be encashed. And so I did.

Weeeee. I'm excited about working for Standard Chartered. I am hoping that I get the job but not really expecting that I'll it. I've been extra "adventurous" lately so I wanna explore more of Makati. haha


Anonymous said...

So when will u start working?

Anonymous said...

ano ung fuscia? pakienlighten nmn ako ahahaha -snappingfergiebitch