Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back To Reality

I left Manila last week with certain thoughts and problems that I have yet to address. And now, they've grown bigger (and bolder.)

First, my schedule for next semester. I enlisted online last Thursday to no avail because I am part of the 4th batch. I was supposed to take IPE as my Eco elective, BUT NO, there were no slots left. Actually, no Eco elective was available for me. The only elective left was Money and Banking which is exclusively for MeCo. So, i still don't have an Eco elective. I don't understand why I do not have an elective yet. I even went to the department a month ago to get my advisement and sign-up for the IPE class.

I heard from my blockmates that they tried calling up the department to fix their classes, BUT NO, the department secretaries repeatedly hung up on them. Rude.

It's regular registration for me on Friday. Darn it. I hope I can fix my schedule. Right now, my TTH is really heavy. And only 1 class for MWF.

Second, I have yet to finalize the plans for a project I'm heading for my home org. We did small planning during the EvSem but I kind of lost track of the things we talked about. My bad. It's not that the project is stressful, it's just that it's on the back my head constantly. Once I've finalized everything, i can forget about it. Though, I'm really excited because I love the people I'm working with. Seriously.And I'm really going to make that project the best, biggest, and fun(nest) project this org has ever had to prove someone that I can.

Third, lack of desire to pursue InTACT. Yes, I like my Freshies, but the class has been a burden, really. It's just that I've been doing everything for the class. I have a partner professional facilitator to handle the class, but I've been doing practically everything for the class. It's been too demanding for me. I have other commitments. I can't handle the weekly training sessions and the various activities that they make us go to. But I can't do anything anymore, one more semester and it's over.

Fourth, I'm excited for school. I can't wait to see everyone, especially you; yes, you. BUT, I'm so sick and tired of schoolwork. Argh.

Fifth, thoughts. I've been doing a lot of thinking over the semestral break and it's really bothersome. What I've blogged about still hold true for me.

It's just probably that I have too much time to think. Can't wait for school to begin again.

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