Monday, November 17, 2008

I Wish I Were A Freshman

When I was a Freshman, i thought it was difficult. Ma20 was a pain. And it was worth 6 units. I was absolutely tired with writing the En12 research paper. Reading Fil11 stuff was crazy. Danton Remoto was crazy, in a funny way.

But, no one really told me that this (Junior yr) would be this damn difficult. Freshman year and Sophomore year is like chicken shit compared to this. Argh.

At least, with Calculus and Accounting, you can simply use logic and a bit of luck and you're good to go. But with Econometrics, it's like I see stars when i see those whatchamacallits. Stressful prof

I'd gladly take Calculus and Accounting again (over and over again) rather than what I'm taking now. I envy those Freshmen who think they're life's so difficult.

Dearies, wait 'til Junior year.

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