Monday, November 24, 2008


I had a 7.30am class today. It's getting more and more difficult to get up and go to class. Argh.

Anyhoo, I was terribly sleepy in class, until... I saw this doodle on my desk. Picture this: a man's d*ck and pacman (the real pacman, not manny pacquiao) biting/ sucking/whatever-ing it. It was hilarious. I swear. Then, right next to the doodle: "Hindi ata Pacman. Fuckman ata. Lolz."

Excitedly, I showed it to my seatmate. She couldn't stop cackling. I told her to shut up because class was still on-going. haha

After class, i got a message from a friend that they were in the org room. I went straight to the org room because I was excited to see them. Yikee.

Of course I told them about the doodle I saw on my desk. BUT NO. They had worse. They showed me their reading for Filipino. It was about doodles you see inside the washroom. I read most of categories out loud. WAHAHAHA. That reading is too much for Freshies. All kinds of sexual jargon were there.

ADS, sorry for the profanity.

Freshies, I enjoyed tambay. Next time, bullshit!And, go to the spotsfest. You'll be my entertainment. And vice versa. haha

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Anonymous said...

Grabe talaga yung reading namin na yun. Haha. Wala na ata akong balak na basahin yun. :)) (nakatulog nanaman ako sa fil kanina, as usual. haha)

Sige ipagdasal mo talaga na matapos ko lahat ng kailangan kong tapusin by sunday, para makapunta ako sa sportsfest. haha.