Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Penmanship Class

That's what we did for Philo for a few minutes.

The first thing that Pasco said to class was that he didn't want to teach. He was tired because he had to accompany somebody somewhere early in the morning. But, we can't afford not to have the session because we were affected by the cancellation of classes last thurday.

Anyhoo, he taught Philo (for a few minutes). Then, he wandered off to his childhood memories. We talked about firecrackers, chinese garter, dampa, text, watusi, piko, jackstone, etc. He told stories about how his childhood was like.

Back to Philo (for a few minutes). Then, suddenly, the chalk started to make a schreech noise. He tried to write in script to minimize the noise.

Suddenly, "Anong letter yung hirap kayo na isulat sa script?"

We started giving him letters that were hard to write in script. I, seriously, don't even know how to write some of them anymore. We did thsi for like 15 minutes.

Seriously, the rumors are true. Pasco becomes unispired and tired by the 2nd semester.

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