Sunday, November 23, 2008


Naubos. I swear.

I'm pretty patient as long as you don't get personal. I know that you don't like InTACT. I also never did. I volunteered to be a faci because I thought I can broaden my horizons and expand my cirle with being a faci. BUT NO. You guys are so ungrateful. I swear. I'm really nice to you already. I dunno why we can't seem to click. If I only got any of the Eco blocks, it would have been heavenly.

What's even more frustrating for me is the fact that right next to our class is the Eco block. They were with me right before we started class, and we had so much fun.

I tried to contain my anger in class. I know I'll "lose" if I exploded. I was about to explode. I didn't. I just released some steam. I just raised my voice and told you to settle down, don't push your issues and shut up. Lucero made you do that stupid presentation. I didn't.

Also, Lucero, you are to blame. This is your nth cut. You're sick? YEAH RIGHT. What kind of "professional" facilitator are you?

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