Monday, November 24, 2008

Come to the US

I got an email from my cousin from the States.

This is all it it said:

"come to the US pls it will be fun"

I really love that kid. Her name is Alex. I've known her through stories since she was around 4. She's half-Italian, i think. When she was 4, my mom would tell me that she was the sweetest kid ever and that she would affectionately call my mom "grandma in red" coz my mom would always wear the same red sweat shirt when she was in the US.

A year ago, she, with her mom, went to the Philippines. Instant click. They stayed here for like a month and she would always look for me whenever my mom would visit them in the hotel. Everyone noticed how much we adored each other.

When she got back in the States, she would even call me up to ask how my turtles are doing or did the dog grow already. She even asked my dad, who just arrived from the US, to give me a watch. Yep, she chose the watch I'm wearing to school now. Sweet.

Yes, Alex, I wanna go to the States. I hope (wish, actually) by May. *fingers crossed*

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