Friday, November 7, 2008

My TD Kids Are Now Scholars

I was in the HS a while ago to inquire the rental cost of the HS CovCourts. Fail. It's darn expensive.

I was early so I decided to tour my blockmate, who's from LSGH, around AHS. I was so happy and excited while I was showing him around. I remembered a lot of memories. I really left my heart in the HS. There are still a lot of familiar faces that I said hello to. Of course, I visited OSA and our dear Officer Jenny. She was so shocked to see me.

Anyhoo, as we were buying from the cafeteria, I saw a familiar face. I wasn't sure, at first, if it was him. I stopped a few feet in front of him. We looked at each other, trying to remember who's who.

"Joe-Nel?", I asked.
"Uy! =)", gives me a high five.
And then we chatted.

He was my TD kid, 3 years ago. He was a grade five student at Barangka Elem; now, he's a sophomore at AHS, an eMboy pa. TD is a program in AHS where the Seniors go to various public elementary schools weekly to teach grade 5 or 6 students Math/ English.

I found out that the other boy is also now an Atenean. And the two girls are studying at St. Scho Marikina.

How fulfilling.
I'm happy I went back to AHS.
I'm happy that I saw my TD-kid-turned-Atenean.
I'm happy because I think I made this world, or atleast the life of my TD kids, a tad better.

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Anonymous said...

aba umaariba rin ang kids mo like mine! magagaling kasi... tayong tutors! chos! :)) - snappingfergiebitch