Friday, November 21, 2008

You Missed Me?!

I didn't go to school yesterday because I only had 1 class at 7.30am. It was raining and sleep was all I wanted to do.

Today, my blockmate texted me that they (I assumed that "they" means my blockmates) missed me during class and that they had figured out that I didn't go to class because I was too tamad. You know me well. haha

During Metrics class today, another blockmate told me that they missed me during class. "Wow. These people really love me", I thought to myself. Not really. haha

Then she continues... "Templo missed you."

"Huh? Why?", i asked. "Is it because I did so well and made perfect sense during class the other day?", I thought to myself. Yabang.

"We we're talking about calories!"

"Darn it."

Wow, ma'am. Thanks.

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